Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sungevity Scam

Google Sungevity and "Scam" comes up. Why, the solar industry is getting scammed by investment bankers masquerading as solar installers. Sungevity is well on the way to giving the solar industry a black eye. Anytime you double dip on tax breaks, install the cheapest products with no quality control and have a ponzi scheme as a business plan, something will go wrong sometime soon.


  1. I install as a subcontractor for sungevity. The materials are quality and everything gets inspected by county or city inspectors thoroughly. I have not herd any complaints from customers . In fact the only problem I ever had was my fault by not following fall protection plan properly, I was kicked off roof and given a verbal scolding. (well deserved one ) . After properly anchoring and harness inspection I was back to work. I am proud to work with sungevity and will continue to install quality pv systems for them.

  2. I will not consider using this company. We received Sonny Gray gnomes at an Oakland A's game that are made by Sungevity. They are supposed to light up by solar power. They do not work. If they can't even light up a little gnome, I certainly wouldn't trust them with power for my home.